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Scholarships are intended for participants facing personal financial hardship and/or those whose employers are unable to cover expenses related to participation in the Institute.

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Scholarship Deadline: April 1, 2022

Applications received by this date will be awarded as remaining funding allows.

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Thank you for your support!

Many individuals and organizations support the Institute by providing funding that can be used to support scholarships. Below are the current supporters of scholarship funding.

Note: Annual availability of each scholarship may vary and other scholarship options may become available in addition to those listed. The website will be updated as funding sources are made available and confirmed.

Scaife Family Foundation Medical Scholar/Allied Health Professionals Scholarship

The Scaife Family Foundation of West Palm Beach, Florida, funds scholarships for medical students or Allied Health professionals interested in practicing in rural America and other addiction specific topics. Assistance includes full or partial conference registration fees, (which includes residence hall room and on-campus meals). Travel reimbursement up to $500 may also be awarded to Medical and Nursing Students, Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurses.

National Rural Alcohol and Drug Abuse Network Scholarship (NRADAN)

These scholarships are provided by the National Rural Alcohol and Drug Abuse Network. NRADAN, Inc. will provide a limited number of scholarships annually. Assistance may include full or partial conference registration, (which includes residence hall room and on-campus meals).

Michael E.E. Campbell Memorial Scholarship

The Michael E.E. Campbell Memorial Scholarship was established in March 2003, to honor Michael's personal and professional contributions to the alcohol and other drug abuse and mental health field. One or two scholarships will be awarded. Scholarship covers conference registration only.

Harold E. Hughes Scholarship Fund

This perpetual scholarship fund has been established to provide ongoing recognition and honor of the contributions made to the alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and treatment field in the United States by Harold E. Hughes. Two scholarships are awarded at the end of the conference for the following year. Scholarship covers conference registration only.

Larry W. & Louise Monson Memorial Scholarship

This perpetual scholarship fund was established in memory of Larry Monson, co-founder of the National Rural Institute, and his wife Louise, a long time supporter and contributor to the event. It is awarded annually to a rural professional in the alcohol and drug abuse field who has made strong contributions to the institute. One scholarship will be awarded. Scholarship covers conference registration only.

Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply for a scholarship?

Yes, anyone can apply for a scholarship. However, scholarships are intended for those potential registrants who would not be able to participate without financial assistance. If your employer offers financial support for training and professional development expenses, we ask that you explore those options before applying for a scholarship. Full and partial scholarships are available.

Are there going to be an travel reimbursement awards for 2022?

Yes. However, they will be more limited than in prior years. Travel reimbursements will only be available for the following: Medical Students, Nursing Students, Physicians, Physicians Assistants, and Nurses. Reimbursement will not exceed $500 per individual.

I'm not available for the live, in-person event, can I still apply?

Yes! Those who can only participate virtually/remotely are still eligible for scholarships.

What is this letter from my employer supposed to include?

The employer support letter should state their support of your attending/participating. It should also include in what ways they intend to provide financial support, or not, for your attendance. If you are unemployed or self-employed, a letter is still required, but from yourself on your behalf.